I want to be happy and enjoy drawing again

I want to be happy and enjoy drawing again

Nameless character 0.0

Nameless character 0.0


As the popularity of cosplay has risen, so have the number of assaults and insults that cosplayers suffer at large events. San Diego Comic-Con 2014 just passed, and some of the biggest stories to come out of the event were about an underage cosplayer who was found bloodied and unconscious in costume, and a famous cosplayer chasing down a man who groped her friend.

An article sharing four steps you can take to help against convention harassment. These steps work for someone being harassed OR witnessing it. 

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DIGIMON All-Star Rumble - PS3/X360 - Time to digivolve again (Announcement trailer)

A new Digimon game has been announced for the PS3 and X360! It is scheduled to arrive in Europe, North America (?), and Australia this fall.

This is the first Digimon game to be released outside out Japan in four years; Bandai Namco might be using this game to gauge the viability of other localizations (like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth).

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Herge draws Tintin, and Snowy. It’s poetry.